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Tips and Tricks

The game MovieStarPlanet is an addictive game for the age group 7-16 years. Many people in the game are wondering how to get rich and famous to become a real movie star. Of course, the fastest way to get famous is to use our MSP hack 2019. Alternatively, we have still put together a guide with useful tips that shows you how to become rich and famous.

Many players want to reach a higher level, because most do not have a high level. The higher your level rises, the longer it takes to reach the next level. Many people struggle when they reach level 10 or 11. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you reach the level faster.


Movies on MSP are the ones that help people to reach levels and become famous. The more interesting, the better! Most players also watch short films to earn StarCoins quickly. There are many short film producers in the game, most of which are at a high level because their films had many views. Basically, the shorter the movie, the more views.


One way to gain fame is to send and receive autographs. If you autograph someone, it will help you with fame, depending on which level you are in and whether or not you are a celebrity. The MSP VIP hack can also bring you more fame. You can only benefit from our MovieStarPlanet hack 2019.

To look good

Making outfits is also a way to become famous. For every heart that you receive, you also gain fame at the same time. Just share your outfits and hopefully you will get hearts in no time. Tip: Try to make the outfit as good and eye-catching as possible. In this way, more people will notice you and you will get more hearts. And then your outfits will be redirected to the top page where they are guaranteed to get more hearts.

Creating and selling designs

There is also a design studio, which means that you can create and buy your own designs. Once you buy them, they can be seen from the design studio where people can love your designs. That also gives you fame. Tip: Better yet – Sell your design! Select the desired number of copies and place them for sale. Every successful sale brings you even more fame.

That’s it with our MSP tips and tricks. In combination with the MSP hack Tool you are guaranteed a great time in the game. We hope you will give the MSP cheats a chance. Only with the MovieStarPlanet hack apk you can generate unlimited resources for free. Of course, you can also play “honest” and put all your money in the game, but this is not exactly smart, after all, we offer you a free alternative.

For even more MSP tips and tricks, check out the MovieStarPlanet wiki. There you will find daily new posts and direct communication with the community is also possible. If you do not already have the games app, you can now visit the Google Play or iTunes Store and download it. All you need is a mobile device running Android 2.3.3 or higher for Android users, or iOS 8.0 or later for Apple users. Finally, we hope you’ll enjoy the hack for MSP. Some players have already helped the MSP cheats, they can also help you, so give them a try.